Alaska Higher Education Fund

AHE Market Value
$403.95M at 9/30/2021

Target Asset Allocation

Performance Results
& Market Values

Fiscal Year

Market Value Return %
2020 $343,797,313 4.73%
2019 $347,092,361


2018 $344,265,007 7.59%
2017 $369,799,589 12.24%
2016 $439,543,309 0.88%
2015 $458,758,594 3.09%
2014 $460,672,112 16.49%
2013 $406,437,846 -0.14%

The Alaska Higher Education Savings Trust is established in the University of Alaska under AS 14.40.802.  The purpose of this trust is to secure obligations to participants and beneficiaries under a postsecondary education savings program operated by the University of Alaska and to provide participants a convenient method of saving for college or other postsecondary education. 

Current Fiscal Year

This list contains the following report types:

  • Interim Financial Schedules: Shows investment value and earnings by asset class at month end and fiscal year to date


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