Retiree Health Insurance Fund

The Alaska Department of Administration established the Retiree Health Insurance Fund for the state's self-funded health insurance program for some retired employees (Alaska Statute 39.30.090, AS 39.30.091 and AS 39.30.095). Three insurance plans comprise the Retiree Health Insurance Fund: major medical, long-term care, and dental/visual/audio (assets for the latter plan are held in the GeFONSI). The fund consists of insurance premiums paid by the employer (the State and participating political subdivisions of the State) and retirees for future health-related expenses.

For more information on Retirement and Benefits, see the Alaska Division of Retirement and Benefits.

Current Fiscal Year

Major Medical and
Long Term Care funds
Market Value
$685.75M at 8/31/2020

The list below contains the following report types:

  • Monthly Financial Report: Shows investment value and earnings by asset class at month end and fiscal year to date.
  • Performance Measurement Report: Shows investment returns by asset class and fund total over rolling periods.

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Financial Schedules