International Airports Funds

International Airports Funds
Market Value
$181.48M at 8/31/2019

The International Airports Construction Fund, codified under Alaska Statute 37.15.420, holds proceeds from the sale of bonds issued to build airport facilities.

Current Fiscal Year

See our International Airport Funds Archives page for more documents.

This list contains the following report types:


  • Bank Statement: Working trial balances for each account maintained at the custodial bank
  • Cash Flow Information: Cash flow information
  • Holdings: Positions for each account maintained at the custodial bank by account. shows name, type and value of each security and/or share of each pool held.
  • Reconciliation: Summary of reconciliation between IRIS and financial statements for each fund
  • Revenue Fund and Reserves: Summary schedule for the revenue fund and repair and replacement reserve account
  • Construction Fund Schedule: Summary of the schedules for the construction funds

August 2019

July 2019