Welcome to the Treasury Division

The Treasury Division is the bank and trust center for the State of Alaska. Under the direction of Pamela Leary, the Treasury Division provides cash management, investment and portfolio management, debt management and accounting services for the State’s General Fund, the Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund, various retirement funds and numerous other funds and trusts.

Our Sections

Unclaimed Property
Provides a search for owners of unclaimed property and holders of abandoned property.

Provides oversight for all state and retirement investments, establishes and implements policies, and provides administrative and information technology support.

Cash Management
Functions as the cash control center for the State. Collects all revenues, pays all expenditures, and determines the amount of cash available for investment each day for the general and custodial funds.

Debt Management
Together with the State Bond Committee, is responsible for issuing State debt and lease/purchase financing for the State of Alaska.



Alaska Treasury Division Seeks to Two Investment Interns

Alaska Treasury Division Seeks to Hire a Board Liaison/Program Manager

Treasury Division seeks Chief Investment Officer

The Treasury Division has hired executive search firm DHR International to run initial recruitment and screening for its Chief Investment Officer position. If you are interested in being considered for the position, please contact:

Carol Hartman
Managing Partner, Financial Service Practice, N.A.
DHR International, Inc.
One Post Street, Suite 950
San Francisco, CA 94104
415.655.4484 office

925.360.2298 cell

Alaska Treasury Division Seeks to Hire 2 State Investment Officers