Power Cost Equalization Endowment Fund

PCE Market Value
$1.13B at 3/31/2021

Target Asset Allocation

Performance Results
& Market Values

Fiscal Year

Market Value Return %
2020 $1,078,156,859 4.64%
2019 $1,072,825,381


2018 $1,073,378,412 7.53%
2017 $1,023,565,664 12.21%
2016 $946,938,059 0.99%
2015 $969,389,431 3.50%
2014 $977,867,367 20.72%
2013 $840,214,875 15.12%
2012 $751,780,453 1.67%
2011 $364,529,375 21.80%

The Alaska Legislature created the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) Endowment Fund under AS 42.45.070. The PCE Endowment Fund is established as a separate fund of the Alaska Energy Authority, a component unit of the State of Alaska. The purpose of the PCE Endowment Fund is to provide for a long-term, stable financing source for power cost equalization which provides affordable levels of electric utility costs in otherwise high-cost service areas of the state.

Current Fiscal Year

This list contains the following report types:

  • Cash Flow Information: Shows date and amount of each cash transfer in (out) as well as related investment activity
  • Interim Financial Schedules: Shows investment value and earnings by asset class at month end and fiscal year to date

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