Credit Card Payment Information

State agencies can accept credit cards as a form of payment for services. The State of Alaska Treasury has a contract with a credit card service provider to collect and process payments by credit card for all agencies. Any State agency wishing to accept this form of payment must use our contract for such services per AAM 50.230.

The State of Alaska operates over 150 merchant accounts statewide to collect credit card payments from customers and business partners. This page provides reference tools and documentation resources for those merchants. If you have questions regarding credit card acceptance for your department or agency, please contact Cash Management. If you wish to make a payment by credit card, you must directly contact the State agency you wish to pay.

The State also can accept electronic e-check payments using Beaches, a system which allows State agencies to transfer and receive ACH transactions. This is a very cost effective way to receipt cash payments electronically for authorized State agencies.

The Department of Administration, Division of Finance separately operates the One Card Alaska program for vendor and travel payments made from the State of Alaska under AAM 38.300.

Credit Card Payment Resources