Cash Management

Temporary Depository Access During COVID-19 Event

Information is available below about how depository banks are responding to COVID-19.  In many cases, state agencies may temporarily use drive-thru windows and night depositories.  If you currently use a courier service for deposits, check with your courier for specific details-- often scheduled courier deposits can occur normally. Image capture scanner-based deposits will process normally.  If you need change orders or other special services, call your local branch for specific details.  Information may vary depending on the bank branch involved or the service required.  See the links below for reference, and please contact DOR Treasury if you have any questions-- we are here to help!  Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding during this time. 

Frequently Requested Items

About State Warrants

If you are a bank or an individual with a State warrant that you want to verify as valid, please contact the State’s Warrant Reconciliation Team at 907-465-5605, 907-465-5631, or

About Cash Management

The administrator for the Cash Management Section is Jesse Blackwell, CTP, AAP. The section functions as the cash control center for the State. This section is responsible for managing Alaska's largest bank, with total cash and investments equivalent to an amount almost ten times greater than the largest commercial bank located in Alaska. Cash management collects all revenues, pays all expenditures, and determines the amount of cash available for investment each day for the general and custodial funds. The section consists of a staff of five headed by the Cash Manager/Investment Officer.

They are responsible for:

  • Cash management policy for the State
  • Cash Deficiency Operating Plan
  • Cash flows and daily cash availability
  • Electronic revenue collection programs
  • Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA) Federal/State Agreement
  • Credit card acceptance programs
  • Warrant redemption
  • Managing the State's banking relationships
  • Assisting State agencies with cash management issues
  • Requesting and receipting federal government payments
  • Managing ASAP, a federal grant payment system.