Mental Health Trust Reserve Fund

MHTR Fund Market Value
$42.23M at 3/31/2017

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority (AMHTA) is a state corporation that administers the Alaska Mental Health Trust, a perpetual trust managed on behalf of Trust beneficiaries. The Trust operates much like a private foundation, using resources to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive integrated mental health program. The Mental Health Trust Fund is established as a separate fund managed by the Treasury Division at the direction of the AMHTA.

Current Fiscal Year

The below document library contains the following report types:

  • Cash Activity Statement: Shows date and amount of each cash transfer in (out) as well as related investment activity.
  • Performance Measurement Report Summary: Shows investment returns for each asset class as well as related index.
  • Positions: Shows name, type and value of each security and/or share of each pool held.
  • Schedule of Invested Assets, Schedule of Investment Income, and Changes in Invested Assets (summary): Shows fund value by asset class at month end. Shows beginning balance of invested assets, total earnings (losses) by asset class, net contributions (withdrawals), and ending balance of invested assets for the month and YTD.
  • Working Trial Balance: Summarizes cost and market value, receivables, payables, earnings for the reporting period.

See our Mental Health Trust Reserve Fund Archive page for more documents.

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