General Fund and Other Non-segregated Investments (GeFONSI)

The GeFONSI is an acronym which stands for the “General Fund and Other Non-segregated Funds” which are funds that have been pooled together for investment purposes. The Treasury Division is responsible for investing the GeFONSI as well as calculating and allocating the monthly investment earnings to the GeFONSI fund participants. The current Market Value and target asset allocation of the GeFONSI are shown on the adjoining charts.

Participant funds within the GeFONSI are classified into one of three categories as follow:

  • Type 1: Some of the individual funds whose assets are invested in the GeFONSI are legally entitled to automatically receive earnings attributable to the investment of those assets.
  • Type 2: Other funds invested in the GeFONSI are entitled to receive the earnings attributable to the investment of their assets if the Legislature chooses to appropriate the earnings to those funds. If the Legislature does not so appropriate, then the State’s General Fund receives the earnings from those assets.
  • Type 3: Treasury computes and separately accounts for investment earnings but credits those earnings to the State’s General Fund.

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GeFONSI Market Value
$3.34B at 12/31/2017

GeFONSI Asset Allocation



Annual Market Values and Performance Results

Fiscal Year Market Value Return
2017 4,089,565,899 0.56%
2016 3,539,490,646 0.82%
2015 4,047,216,994 0.45%
2014 5,505,603,690 0.57%
2013 11,988,133,076


2012 12,039,480,276 4.82%
2011 9,061,621,609 0.92%
2010 7,789,040,740 2.84%
2009 6,917,946,845 2.92%
2008 7,779,665,949 5.60%