Filing a Claim

Alaska's searchable database is linked with where Alaskan unclaimed property can be searched for. Follow the instructions on the website to file a claim online. Any information you enter must be current and accurate, including apartment number and full name.

After you file a claim online, we will contact you via email to begin processing your claim. If you receive a claim form, follow the instructions in sections B and C. Send us the required documents and the original form. Claim processing may take up to several months due to our high volume of claims. Stock claims may take longer to process.

If you are filing a claim as an heir, be ready to provide information on how you are legally entitled to do so.

If you have questions, contact us by email at

Unsworn Falsification

You may be required to sign the following statement:

I acknowledge and affirm under penalty of UNSWORN FALSIFICATION (AS 11.56.210) ; (i) that I have prepared, or have caused to be prepared and have examined this report; (ii) that this report is true, correct, and complete; (iii) that I have the authority to verify this report on behalf of my organization and to bind my organization to report and transfer unclaimed property to the state; and (iv) that it is agreed that any and all transactions entered into by my organization in connection with the reporting and transfer of unclaimed property to the state, will be subject to (a) the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) to the extent applicable under applicable state law, and (b) the federal electronic signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SSIGN), with the effect that keying in our names or attaching facsimile signatures to electronic documents indicates our intention that they be deemed to be binding electronic signatures.

State Statute

AS 11.56.210. Unsworn falsification in the second degree.
(a) A person commits the crime of unsworn falsification in the second degree if, with the intent to mislead a public servant in the performance of a duty, the person submits a false written or recorded statement that the person does not believe to be true
 (1) in an application for a benefit; or
 (2) on a form bearing notice, authorized by law, that false statements made in it are punishable.
(b) Unsworn falsification in the second degree is a class A misdemeanor.