International Airports Funds Archives

The below document library contains the following report types:

  • Bank Statement: Working trial balances for each account maintained at the custodial bank
  • Cash Flow Information: Cash flow information
  • Holdings: Positions for each account maintained at the custodial bank by account. shows name, type and value of each security and/or share of each pool held.
  • Reconciliation: Summary of reconciliation between AKSAS and financial statements for each fund
  • Revenue Fund and Reserves: Summary schedule for the revenue fund and repair and replacement reserve account
  • Construction Fund Schedule: Summary of the schedules for the construction funds 

  • international_airport_construction
    • fy2007
    • fy2008
    • fy2009
    • fy2010
    • fy2011
    • fy2012
    • fy2013
    • fy2014
    • fy2015
    • fy2016
    • fy2017
    • fy2018
    • FY2019
    • FY2020
    • fy2021
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