Reserve Balances

The State’s unprecedented reserve balances provide substantial liquidity and bondholder security. Below are a listing of the State’s Reserve Funds, and links to additional information regarding each one.

Statutory Budget Reserve Fund (SBRF)

The SBRF was established in 1991 to provide General Fund liquidity. In fiscal year 2008, the SBRF was funded by an appropriation of unrestricted revenue. The SBRF was funded by additional appropriations in fiscal years 2010-2012.

Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund (CBRF)

The CBRF was established in 1991 to provide fiscal stability. The CBRF has restricted use, and the State must deposit money received as a consequence of the resolution of disputes about the amount of mineral lease bonuses, royalties or taxes.

Permanent Fund & Permanent Fund Earnings Reserve

The Permanent fund is a source for perpetual earnings and budget stability. The earnings reserve is the Legislatively available portion of the Permanent Fund. Please visit the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation’s website for additional information about these funds.

Budget Outlook

For additional information about the State’s budget outlook, please visit the Office of Management & Budget (OMB).