Reporting Unclaimed Property

Alaska's Unclaimed Property Act (AS 34.45) requires businesses (profit and non-profit) and government agencies to file an unclaimed property report with the Department of Revenue. To qualify as unclaimed property, an asset must have been unclaimed or uncashed for a certain number of years. An asset is generally money in an account or money owed to an individual, but can also be a security such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds or safe deposit box contents.More about Alaska Statute 34.45

For most types of property (including those for which no time frame is specified in the law) the time frame is 3 years using an "as of" date of June 30 of the current year. Exceptions to the 3 year dormancy can be found below, where property types and dormancy periods are listed.

The reporting deadline for holders to remit unclaimed property is November 1st.

Do not Submit Negative or Zero Dollar Reports

Alaska does not require negative or zero reports to be filed if a business or governmental agency has no unclaimed property.

As a convenience, Alaska will accept reports with last known addresses in other states. The Department will forward the property to the appropriate state. NOTE: You will need to follow the other state's dormancy requirements.

If your organization has a large number of properties for another state, you should file a report with that state.

Reporting Forms

Electronic Reporting Requirement

Reports with 10 or more properties must be processed using NAUPA electronic reporting standards and submitted on CD. Magnetic tapes are not accepted.

Holder Reporting Software (HRS) generates NAUPA standard files accepted by most states. HRS software can be downloaded onto your system , free of charge. This software package will allow you to submit your report on a CD.

Unclaimed property information can also be entered or downloaded from an Excel or text file into this software.

  • Free processing software HRS Pro from
  • HRS electronic reports are automatically encrypted. No password encryption is needed.
  • Other reporting software may require an encrypted password for security. See section below.
  • The person installing HRS Pro must have and be logged on with NETWORK or DOMAIN ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS in order for the program to produce a valid file without errors. Please refer to the User’s Guide when installing the program.
  • Aggregate property: When reporting electronically, do not aggregate properties. This will eliminate the need for our office to contact your company for verification on each claim filed on an aggregate property.
  • Electronic reports requiring passwords for encrypted files: Remember to send passwords for encrypted reports either by email, or by fax, (907) 465-2394. Please include the password, company name, report amount, contact name, and phone number. Passwords received without the above information will be discarded. This may affect a reports compliance status, resulting in interest and/or penalties.

 Unsworn Falsification

I acknowledge and affirm under penalty of  UNSWORN FALSIFICATION (AS 11.56.210) ; (i) that I have prepared, or have caused to be prepared and have examined this report; (ii) that this report is true, correct, and complete; (iii) that I have the authority to verify this report on behalf of my organization and to bind my organization to report and transfer unclaimed property to the state; and (iv) that it is agreed that any and all transactions entered into by my organization in connection with the reporting and transfer of unclaimed property to the state, will be subject to (a) the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) to the extent applicable under applicable state law, and (b) the federal electronic signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SSIGN), with the effect that keying in our names or attaching facsimile signatures to electronic documents indicates our intention that they be deemed to be binding electronic signatures.