Frequently Asked Questions

Is the State of Alaska holding money for me or my family?

Conduct your free search at Search for yourself, family, friends, your business, and/or employer – it’s free!

If you see your name, and can verify the address as your current or former address, file a claim online through Documentation will be required for proof of ownership.

Only the owner, heir, or court appointed representative can file a claim for unclaimed property. If you are not sure if the property belongs to you, write down the property sequence number (psn) and contact our office by email.

The Unclaimed Property Office responds to inquiries as quickly as possible. Please allow several days for our office to respond to your email or telephone call.

How do I claim property being held by the state under this program?

Owners may file a claim with the department at any time to claim properties held under the unclaimed property program. Owners must provide identification with the claim.

What are Alaska's dormancy periods? How long do I hold onto property before reporting it to the State of Alaska?

Following are abandonment periods for property commonly reported under the unclaimed property program.

  • Safe deposit box contents: 1 year
  • Utility deposits: 1 year
  • Wages: 1 year
  • Life insurance proceeds: 3 years
  • Customer overpayments: 3 years
  • Savings/Checking accounts: 5 years
  • Stocks and bonds: 5 years
  • Travelers checks: 15 years

This is a partial list of property please see reporting forms or statutes for a complete list

As a holder of unclaimed property, when am I required to file reports?

Holders are required to report and remit unclaimed property before November 1 each year. The report should contain items that are unclaimed as of June 30 of each year.

Can I get an extension on the due date of my report?

Yes. Mail or fax your request to us stating why you need the extension and how long of an extension you need.

Once I report property for an owner, what about any future amounts that might accrue for them?

On going payments of such things as dividends, stock or mineral royalties are automatically reportable once the first payment is eligible. In other words, once the first dividend or royalty payment is reported, you do not have to wait another 5 years to report the next payment.

Can I report and deliver property early (before the prescribed dormancy period has elapsed)?

Yes, with prior approval. Please send a request to our office and wait for a formal response.

I am reporting for the first time, what time frame should my first report cover?

Property that would have been presumed abandoned from September 7, 1980 forward.

The Department realizes time restraints may make it difficult to prepare reports back to 1980. We ask holders of unclaimed property to file for as far back as their records permit. First time filers should try to cover at least the last ten years. As a matter of reference, an audit can cover all property back to 1980. Random sampling techniques are often used to create reports where hard copy records are no longer available.

It is important to start reporting on a regular basis. You may want to address prior year records in a separate process.

Do I still have to complete a report if my records are incomplete?

Yes. You should report and remit such amounts as may be reasonably estimated from available records.