Reporting Unclaimed Property

Alaska's Unclaimed Property Act (AS 34.45) requires businesses (profit and non-profit) and government agencies to file an unclaimed property report with the Department of Revenue. More about Alaska Statute 34.45

Property is considered abandoned or unclaimed when no owner initiated transactions have been conducted, or there is no contact by the owner, including not cashing a check, for a period of time. (This is known as a dormancy period.) A property is generally money owed to an individual or business, but can also be a security such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds and safe deposit box contents.

Dormancy periods and unclaimed property types can be found in the AK Reporting Workbook (Excel) 

Unclaimed property reports are due before November 1st.

Unfamiliar with Unclaimed Property? Reporting Overview

For most types of property (including those for which no time frame is specified in Alaska statue), the time frame is 3 years using an "as of" date of June 30 of the current year. A complete listing of property types and dormancy periods can be found in the AK Reporting Workbook (Excel)

Do not Submit Negative or Zero Dollar Reports

Alaska does not require negative or zero reports to be filed if a business or governmental agency has no unclaimed property.

Reporting Forms

Holders reporting 10 or more properties are required to report electronically

Property Reportable to Other States

As a convenience, Alaska will accept incidental property (ten or fewer properties) reportable to another state only if allowed by the other state. Please refer to the NAUPA Reciprocity Matrix for state specific information.

NOTE: If you include unclaimed property reportable to other states in your Alaska report, you must comply with unclaimed property laws of the states of the last known address in reporting those items.

If your organization has a large number of reportable properties for another state, you should file a report with that state.


Free electronic reporting - 1, 2, 3 options

1. Holder Reporting Software (HRS Pro) generates a NAUPA file accepted by most states' unclaimed property programs. HRS Pro software can be downloaded onto your computer, free of charge.

Unclaimed property information can also be manually entered or an Excel spreadsheet can be cut and pasted into the HRS Pro Excel template. The template is then imported into HRS Pro. HRS Pro allows you to submit your report on a CD or as an encrypted attachment to email.

Free HRS Pro software from wagers.net  

  • HRS Pro reports/files are automatically encrypted. No password encryption is needed.
  • The person installing HRS Pro must have and be logged on with NETWORK or DOMAIN ADMINISTRATIVE RIGHTS in order for the program to produce a valid file without errors. Please refer to the User's Guide when installing the program.

  Additional Information

Reports with 10 or more properties must be processed using one of the three electronic options above.

HRS Pro creates an .hde encrypted file. The file can be saved to a cd or a USB device and mailed with the check to our office. You may also email the file as an attachment to ucpholder@alaska.gov Remittance can be made by sending a check to our office or initiating an ACH transaction. Contact our office to request Alaska's ACH Instructions at ucpholder@alaska.govor by telephone (907)465-2394.

You MUST INCLUDE; The password, company and contact name, report amount and phone number or email address. If filing multiple reports include this information for each separate report.

Reports received without passwords will be flagged as non-compliant and may result in interest and penalties.


A complete Unclaimed Property Report will include all forms or files and the remittance. Remittances must be made payable to the State of Alaska Unclaimed Property Program.

If you choose to submit your report and check by mail, send to:

    State of Alaska
    Unclaimed Property Program
    P.O. Box 110405
    Juneau, AK 99811-0405

If you choose to submit your report and check by courier:

    State of Alaska
    Unclaimed Property Program
    333 Willoughby Ave., 11th Floor
    Juneau, AK 99801

If you choose to submit your encrypted.hde (HRS Pro) by:

    CD - mail to one of the addresses above


    email the file to: ucpholder@alaska.gov

If you choose to submit your report using UPExchange or UPExpress:

Your file will be sent electronically to our office. You will need to send the remittance by using one of the mailing addresses above or contact our office for ACH instructions at ucpholder@alaska.gov

 Unsworn Falsification

When submitting your report through UPExchange or UPExpress you will be required to click the "I Agree" button regarding Alaska's Unclaimed Property Unsworn Falsification agreement.

I acknowledge and affirm under penalty of  UNSWORN FALSIFICATION (AS 11.56.210) ; (i) that I have prepared, or have caused to be prepared and have examined this report; (ii) that this report is true, correct, and complete; (iii) that I have the authority to verify this report on behalf of my organization and to bind my organization to report and transfer unclaimed property to the state; and (iv) that it is agreed that any and all transactions entered into by my organization in connection with the reporting and transfer of unclaimed property to the state, will be subject to (a) the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) to the extent applicable under applicable state law, and (b) the federal electronic signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-SSIGN), with the effect that keying in our names or attaching facsimile signatures to electronic documents indicates our intention that they be deemed to be binding electronic signatures.